How to Recruit Performers

When hiring employees, how can you tell what the key performance indicators are; to ensure you hire top performers?

It would really be great if you only hired people who could perform on the job and produce the required results without your continual intervention.

Well, believe it or not, it is possible to dramatically improve your chances of doing this. Here are some aspects to be aware of:

Writing Job Ads

A big mistake that some employers make is to write job ads that make the job sound too easy. This will only attract people who want an “easy life” in their new job.

Top performers are not looking for “easy”. On the contrary, their current job may have become too easy already, so they are now looking for something with a lot more meat in it! See Performance Advertising: How to Write job Ads.

Performance Factors

When hiring employees, you need to distinguish between certain performance factors that they present:

  • Their knowledge and experience.
  • Their motivation for wanting to change employment.
  • How results-oriented they are.

Checking Performance

Performance checks should be done whenever you interview a prospective new employee. Find out if they can actually perform. A proven record of results is the primary criteria when hiring.

If that’s really all there is to it, the business of recruiting could be greatly simplifiedClick here to see how to check performance.

The Keys to Performance

To understand what the key performance indicators are, you really need to grasp the basic concept of what a “result” is.

Click here to see a detailed analysis of this, with some valuable tips on how to spot the performer during the interview process.

Reference Checks

Checking a candidate’s references can be considered unreliable. What are the key ingredients of an effective reference check?

In addition to that, when you do reference checks, you need to do them in such a way that you discover the results orientation of the applicant.

Psychometric Testing

Giving your applicants some sort of psychometric test is often recommended. On its own, however, it is not a reliable method of making a hiring decision.

If you want to spend the money on this, you can gain some good insight into how the candidate might fit the job you are trying to fill, but in hiring employees, don’t make your final decision based solely on the results of such tests.