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Here are some human resources articles on performance management: tips and techniques to help you answer those every-day questions.

Over time, managers have asked specific questions relating to performance management. The following articles give the answers to those questions.

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Job Ads: How to Write a Challenging Ad
How do you actually write challenging job ads? Here are some examples of job ads that challenge (and therefore attract) top performing candidates.

Staff Training: What are the Best Methods?
What are the best methods of staff training? Why is it important, what are the most cost-effective methods and should it be internal or external?

Problem Management: Personal Problems at Work.
Problem Management. What is the best way to deal with staff members who are always bringing personal problems to work and being upset?

Team Performance Management: How do you Promote Teamwork?
What are the fundamental team performance management factors that will promote good teamwork?

Office Dress Code: What’s Appropriate?
Can I set the office dress code? Staff recently turned up in clothes that weren’t appropriate. And, if I can set it, what should the dress code be?

Job Satisfaction: What are the Key Factors?
What are the key factors in creating job satisfaction to keep people happy in the workplace?

Employee Attitudes: More Important Than Skills?
I have often heard it said that employee attitudes are more important than skills or experience when hiring new recruits. Is this true?

Home Office Work: Employees working from home.
Is it practical to allow employees work from home?

Pay For Performance: Can You Afford It?
I have some staff members who are doing a fantastic job and deserve a pay rise but I can’t afford anything just yet. What else can I do?